Top 5 most popular articles on South African English at GQOM

Here’s a breakdown of the top 5 most popular research articles on South African English at GQOM over the last six months:

1. Newly popular words in South African English

Insights into a number of words that have recently become popular in English in South Africa.

2. Rock up, pull in, park off. Come right, score a luck – or strip your moer, finish & klaar

An overview of a number of popular informal phrases in South African English.

3. The origin of ‘Mzansi’ – a detective story

Tracing the origin and meaning of the popular colloquial name for South Africa.

4. ​The trouble with ‘fong kong’

Some ideas on the source, uses and misuses of the term.

5. South Africa’s culture of umrabulo

A look into the origins and history of a word that has been used to describe political education in South Africa.