Izzit? – More on language evolution: Open University’s animated ‘History of English’ video

More on the history of the English language, this time from The Open University in the form of an 11 minute animated video on YouTube.

The movie divides the salient eras of the evolution of the language into “chapters” – giving examples of the words that originated in each.

It starts with the Romans leaving Britain and – as with yesterday’s post – the arrival of the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, and later, the Normans.

This time we move beyond archaic periods though: the middle chapters consider the effects that the King James bible, the works of Shakespeare, and the status of English as a language of science have had on its development.

Later chapters include English in the age of the British Empire, the coming into being of the first English dictionaries, American English, internet English, and global English – leading to the question, “Whose language is it anyway?”


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