​Izzit? – Lexicography, lexicographers, and the words they put in dictionaries

Insights into the macabre world of lexicography


‘Eish’ in South African English: an analysis of the word in informal written public discourse, with a speculative enquiry into its etymology

"Eish" is a common interjection in South Africa. In this post, I consider it as an element of South African English, conduct a speculative enquiry into its etymology, and analyse the word’s relation to ‘you’ in informal written public discourse

Izzit? – More on language evolution: Open University’s animated ‘History of English’ video

More on the history of the English language, this time from The Open University in the form of an 11 minute animated video on YouTube.

Izzit? – ‘English is weird,’ and here’s the evidence

The strangeness of the English language is a matter of historical contingency, migration, conquest, and adaptation. More has happened to it in its history than to most other languages on Earth.

​Izzit? – F-bombs and other profanities are ‘central to the human experience’

Do you get through the day without having to swear? Or do you swear like a trooper? An author contends that the norm lies somewhere in between. (Caution: article contains profanity)