Izzit? – ​George Orwell on Newspeak in his 1984 dystopia

Newspeak. Crimethink. Is the government of the USA opening the door to dystopia in presenting 'alternative facts'?


​Izzit? – Elvish, Dothraki, or Esperanto?

Can the imaginary languages Elvish, Dothraki - or even Klingon - be said to have had more of an impact on society than the artificial language Esperanto?

​Izzit? – New Google Translate system enables ‘zero-shot’ translation

Google Translate's new system can translate between languages without previous examples to work from

South Africa’s culture of umrabulo

Umrabulo refers to political discussion and debate, dating from the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. It may be undergoing something of a revival

​The trouble with ‘fong kong’

In southern Africa, "fong kong" is usually used to describe fake branded goods ... but it also has a dark side

​Izzit? – SA languages north of the Limpopo 

How is it that varieties of South African languages are spoken north of the Limpopo river?

Izzit? – ​The rhetoric of Trump

Izzit? - Links to two articles and a podcast exploring how US president-elect Donald J. Trump has used language mechanisms such as rhetoric to achieve certain aims ... like the White House.

​Lies, all lies – “manga manga” in SA English

The phrase "manga manga business" was popularised in English in South Africa in the last decade, largely as a result of advertising, though its history goes well beyond that. GQOM breaks down "manga manga", looks at its etymology and meaning, and gives examples of contemporary use.