Love in a seven-50 mil bottle: quart, ngudu, and Zamalek—three words for a big beer in SA English

The subject of this post is beer—in particular, three contemporary South African English words for a big beer: quart, ngudu, and Zamalek.


Izzit? — Dictionaries and the Internet

The people at the Guardian newspaper recently found themselves asking whether the world’s biggest dictionary could survive in the age of the internet. It's a changed game, and dictionaries can thrive.

Izzit? — Merriam-Webster just updated

Everyone’s favourite lexicographical publisher of English in America, Merriam-Webster, recently added 850 new words and definitions to its dictionary

Predicting WotY: antifa, blockchain, double down, gig economy, Trumpian, womxn – are any of these contenders for Word of the Year 2017?

Many dictionaries announce a Word of the Year at the end of each year. In this post, a number of words and phrases newly popular in 2017 – antifa, blockchain, double down, gig economy, Trumpian, and womxn – are considered to see if they are contenders for the title

​IZZIT? – “Mutually Un-friended by this Difference” – Words on Facebook

Some words and phrases today mainly associated with social media have been around for a long time

The possibility of a loan: adverbs and related parts of speech from Afrikaans and ‘vernac’ in South African English

South African English has been assimilating adverbs, adapting, calquing or loaning them from local languages for more than two centuries. In this post, I examine some features of "classical" Afrikaans-derived adverbs in SAE; and describe a number of new ones from isiXhosa, isiZulu, and Setswana that are moving in from the margins

‘Eish’ in South African English: an analysis of the word in informal written public discourse, with a speculative enquiry into its etymology

"Eish" is a common interjection in South Africa. In this post, I consider it as an element of South African English, conduct a speculative enquiry into its etymology, and analyse the word’s relation to ‘you’ in informal written public discourse

Izzit? – More on language evolution: Open University’s animated ‘History of English’ video

More on the history of the English language, this time from The Open University in the form of an 11 minute animated video on YouTube.